Omineca Safe Home Society

Safety for Women.

The mission of the Omineca Safe Home Society is to have a safe, violence-free society for women.


Here to Advocate

We offer a 24 hour transition house for women and their children who feel unsafe in their home due to violence, threat of violence and or abuse.

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The Facts

Definition of Violence against Women

Violence against women is a serious social problem that takes many forms, including:

  • Domestic violence (also known as spousal abuse, wife assault, or intimate partner violence);

  • Sexual assault

  • Sexual harassment; and

  • Criminal harassment (also known as stalking).

Source: Government of British Columbia, QP#450016343



67% Of US Know Someone.

The percentage of Canadians who know a woman who has experienced physical or sexual abuse.



Indigenous Women ARe at 6 x the risk.

Indigenous women are killed at six times the rate of non-Indigenous women.



6000 women and children Are using a Shelter.

The number of women and children who sleep in shelters on any given night because it isn’t safe at home.


Our Services

Omineca Safe Home provides counselling for women who have experienced sexual assault, violence in relationships, or childhood abuse.

We also provide outreach services, including support, accompaniment, and referrals for many types of appointments (legal, medical, financial, social services etc.). We can assist in finding safe housing, and offer free counselling for women.

Our 24-Hour Transition Home is open for women with, or without children, who are leaving the abusive situation. All basic necessities are covered while in the Transition home.

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Volunteer opportunities

Pets are also displaced by violence, and also need a safe place to stay. We are always looking for volunteers to house pets that cannot safely stay at home. Please call for more information.

Make a Donation

We are always in need of household items to support women and children in need. Contact us if you have something that may help us help others.